Professional Edition Only

How to Reset a Lost Password

SafeHouse Professional Edition supports the ability for volume passwords to be reset by administrators, but only if your system administrator enabled this feature before you started using SafeHouse. SafeHouse Personal Edition does not include any features to reset lost passwords.

Please do not call when you lose your password.  We have absolutely no ability to recover lost passwords.

Password Reset Dialog

Resetting lost passwords requires using the Password Reset dialog shown below.

SafeHouse passwords can be reset either locally or remotely. Local resets are the most convenient, but they require that your administrator have  physical access to your machine. Remote resets are performed using the Internet and don't require anything other than an Internet connection.

Your administrator will determine which password reset method should be used based on your specific circumstances.

The links below provide instructions for each of the supported reset methods:

NOTE:  The Remote Reset tab will be displayed only when your administrator has enabled this feature.

Contact your SafeHouse Administrator

When you lose your SafeHouse password, the first thing you should do is contact your SafeHouse administrator or your organization's internal support department. Only administrators will be able to reset your password. You cannot do this alone without their help.

How to Launch the Password Reset Dialog

The Reset Password dialog is launched using a button found on the SafeHouse volume properties dialog.

SafeHouse Personal Edition does not include this feature.

How to Launch this Dialog:
  1. Right click the SafeHouse padlock system tray icon.

  2. Choose Tools & Options from the menu.

  3. Click the Tools tab.

  4. Click the View or Change Properties button to launch the dialog pictured below.

  5. On the dialog, click the Reset Password button.


NOTE:  If the Reset Password button is disabled, it means that your volume has not been configured by your system administrator to support resettable passwords.

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