SafeHouse User's Guide

Version 3.07

Welcome to SafeHouse; the very best software you'll find when it comes to protecting the privacy of your files and keeping intruders out. When you simply cannot afford to let your confidential files fall into the wrong hands, this is the software you need.

SafeHouse can protect any files, including:












What is SafeHouse?

SafeHouse guards the files on your local machine or removable media from being seen, read, stolen or hacked. Files protected by SafeHouse can only be accessed after entering a secret password known only to you.

SafeHouse will never interfere with the way you use your favorite applications. SafeHouse works by adding a new drive letter to Windows to represent the encrypted storage areas holding your private files. All files saved to these storage areas are instantly protected by SafeHouse. It's that simple.

Two Flavors of SafeHouse

SafeHouse is distributed in two versions:

  • SafeHouse Personal Edition

  • SafeHouse Professional Edition

The Personal Edition is intended mostly for home or individual use. The Professional Edition includes everything in the Personal Edition plus an amazing array of features aimed at power users and corporate administrators. See our features comparison chart for a complete list of differences between the products.

This User's Guide applies to both editions of the product. Features that are exclusive to the Professional Edition are clearly noted throughout the guide.


Starting Points

We guarantee you'll be up and running with SafeHouse in just a few minutes. These links will help get you started.


Our official website is  Drop by and check out our video tutorials!

Full Support for Smartcards

SafeHouse now includes unprecedented support for smartcards throughout the entire product. Save your SafeHouse passwords to a smartcard and forget about them. All you need to remember is your smartcard PIN, no matter how many passwords are stored inside your card.

See How Smartcards Add Security and Convenience.

Virtual Smartcards using USB Memory Sticks

Now this is something we're really excited about. SafeHouse can now turn an ordinary off-the-shelf USB Flash disk or memory stick into a virtual smartcard. We say "virtual" smartcard because we're using software to simulate many of the functions normally performed by the computer chips found in true smartcards.

See How to Create a Virtual Smartcard.


More Information

Here are some additional starting points for system administrators and power users.




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