Microsoft Outlook Express

Outlook Express keeps a variety of files in a single directory. Do not attempt to move these files yourself. Outlook will do this for you using the instructions provided below.

Follow these steps:
  1. Outlook Express requires that you create the directory to hold your email files in advance of making this change. To do this, open your SafeHouse volume and create a directory that will be used only for Outlook Express. This directory can be located anywhere on the encrypted drive using any name you choose.

  2. Start the Outlook Express application and select the Options item on the Tools menu.

  3. Click the "Store Folder..." button on the Maintenance tab.

  4. The current location of your email files will be shown in the dialog. We recommend you write down this location so you can come back and delete the files later once the move is complete. Then, click the "Change..." button and browse to the directory on your encrypted volume that you intend to use for your Outlook files. Click OK with the target directory selected.

  5. Exit Outlook Express and run it again. Outlook Express will automatically move your files from the original location to the new location on your encrypted volume. Once this is done and you are comfortable that the switch completed successfully, you can delete the files from their original location.

  6. Be sure to open your SafeHouse volume using the same Windows drive letter each time before running Outlook Express.

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