Moving to a New Computer

SafeHouse volume files are not associated with specific computers. You may copy them to a new computer and use them as you always have as long as you know your password.

Please follow these steps:
  1. On the new PC, create a data directory named C:\SafeHouse to hold your encrypted files.

  2. Copy your volume files (having .SDSK file extension) to the C:\SafeHouse directory.

  3. Install SafeHouse on the new PC. The installer program will automatically find your volume files.

It does not actually matter if you move your volume files to the new PC in advance of running the SafeHouse installer. However, if you do copy them over first, the installer will usually find them and automatically know to reference them.

You may need to point SafeHouse to your volume files the first time you access them. Once you do this, SafeHouse will remember their location from there on.


Always run the SafeHouse installer program when moving to a new PC.

If you attempt to manually copy the program files, you will not end up with what's needed.


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