Product Features and Comparison Chart

SafeHouse is distributed in three versions. The Personal Edition is intended mostly for home or individual use, and the Professional Edition is intended for business and power users. SafeHouse Explorer has the fewest features, yet it's free and freely-distributable.

The table below lists the primary differences between the products. See System Requirements.

Feature Description

SafeHouse Explorer

Personal Edition

Professional Edition

How is this software distributed?




Simple installation takes less than 5 minutes.

Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Uses super-strong 256-bit Twofish encryption.

Supports super-strength 448-bit encryption.



Also supports AES, Blowfish and other encryption methods.



Compatible with all popular Windows applications.


Protects documents, spreadsheets,  photos, videos, databases and other files.

Lightning fast. Does not degrade performance.

Fully-integrated with Windows and Explorer.

Private storage volumes as large as 2,000GB each.

Unlimited number of private storage volumes.

Private storage volumes can be resized at any time.


Protects files on both local and external hard drives.

Protects files on CD and DVD (secure archives).

Protects files on USB Flash drives and memory sticks.

Can be used to email protected files.

Includes system tray utility for easy access.


Backup private volumes to external storage devices.

Private files can be located on shared network servers.

Password strength meter helps you choose strong passwords.

Freely distributable software application - full version.



Freely-distributable trial version can read all protected files (using password).


Supports storing passwords on PowerLogon smartcards.


Supports storing passwords on Sphinx smartcards.


Store passwords on virtual smartcards and USB memory sticks.


Supports using USB virtual smartcards without typing a PIN.


Auto-lock private volumes on smartcard removal.


Export smartcard contents to secure disk files.


Command line API supports simple scripting.


Auto-open private volumes on Windows startup.


Auto-close private volumes on Windows logoff or shutdown.


Auto-lock private files on Windows hibernate.


Auto-lock private files after activity timeout or on demand.


Private volumes can be formatted to use NTFS.


Private volumes are compatible with disk optimizers.


Huge Password dictionary warns against easy-to-guess passwords.



Auto-run applications when private volumes are opened.



Auto-run applications when private volumes are closed.



Supports storing passwords on ActivIdentity smartcards.



Supports storing passwords on Aladdin eTokens and smartcards.



Supports generic PKCS#11-compliant smartcards.



Private volumes can be set to grow automatically as they fill up.



Includes full support for setting password rules.



Supports multiple administrator levels.



Supports multiple administration groups or zones.



Administrators can reset lost passwords on private volumes.



Includes FREE web-based administration tools.



Maintains audit logs of administrator activities.



Allows lost passwords to be reset by administrators over the Internet.



Supports silent GUI-less installs for automated deployments.



Includes tools to create customized installation programs.



Includes advanced programming API and ActiveX component.




Which Edition is Best for Me?

We realize that it's not always obvious which edition of the product might be best for different situations. If you're still having trouble choosing, hopefully the lists below will clarify things for you.

Choose the Professional Edition when:
Choose the Personal Edition when:
Choose SafeHouse Explorer when:

Support for Smartcards

Both the Professional and Personal Editions of SafeHouse include extensive support for saving private volume passwords to smartcards and USB memory sticks.

Virtual Smartcards using USB Devices

All versions of SafeHouse support being able to turn an off-the-shelf USB Flash disk or memory stick into a virtual smartcard. This means that you can take advantage of all of SafeHouse's smartcard features using any standard USB memory device.

Advanced Smartcard Support

SafeHouse Professional Edition includes additional smartcard support not found in the Personal Edition. These extra features include support for ActivIdentity and Aladdin smartcards as well as a wealth of administration features which allow smartcards to be used to authenticate administrators attempting to reset lost volume passwords.


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