How to Resize a Volume

Use the Resize SafeHouse Volume wizard to change the size of your SafeHouse volumes.

Once you select a volume and enter its password, this wizard will let you know what size ranges are supported by the selected volume. Please note that the maximum size for volumes is determined by a preference setting when volumes are initially created. You will not be allowed to grow a volume to a size larger than the maximum size you chose back when creating this volume file. This restriction is related to the internal structure of the "virtual" disk drive being presented to Windows.

How to Launch this Dialog:
  1. Right click the SafeHouse padlock system tray icon.

  2. Choose Tools & Options from the menu.

  3. Click the Tools tab.

  4. Click the Resize Volume button.

Select a volume, enter its password and click the Next button to advance to the next page.

This wizard contains the following additional pages:


Point SafeHouse to the folder or disk drive  which contains your volume file. Use the folder icon to the right to browse for the correct folder.


Choose the SafeHouse volume file to be resized. This drop list will display all SafeHouse volumes located in the above-named folder.

If the volume you're interested in is listed, but in dim or light text, this indicates that the volume is presently open. Please close it before resizing it.


Enter the password for the selected volume.

If you are using a smartcard, SafeHouse will automatically fill in your password.

NOTE:  SafeHouse volumes must be closed in order to be resized.


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