Professional Edition Only

Auto-Resize Preferences

SafeHouse includes the ability to inspect the contents of your volume each time you open it to see if certain sizing thresholds have been exceeded. If so, it can automatically adjust the volume's size before it adds the new drive letter to Windows. Windows does not support changing the size of live drives.

This feature is not available if you have manually reformatted your volume to use the NTFS file system.

Please be aware that this auto-resize feature is completely separate from SafeHouse's standard feature to manually resize volumes at any time using the Resize Volume wizard.


We don't recommend using this feature. Why? Because resizing your volumes is not something you'll need to do very often. It's simply far safer to make sure you have good backups and use the Resize Volume wizard. This way, if something goes wrong, you're protected.

This feature was included mostly to support automation environments and unattended applications.

NOTE:  This is an advanced option available only in SafeHouse Professional Edition.

How to enable this screen:

This screen will be displayed only when you check the box to show advanced configuration options on the first page of this wizard.

This feature is not available in SafeHouse Personal Edition.

Maximum Percent Full

The Maximum Percent Full field is used to determine when volumes need to be expanded.

When your volume starts to become full, SafeHouse will try to increase its size such that the used portion of the volume represents no more than the specified percentage. Of course, the ability to increase the size of a volume is dependent upon the amount of space remaining on your hard drive and the maximum size limit chosen on the previous wizard page.

Minimum Percent Full

The Minimum Percent Full field determines when a volume should be automatically shrunk.

The new volume size will be calculated to maintain approximately the selected minimum amount of free space inside the volume. For example, if the threshold is set to 10 percent, the volume size will be reduced if less than 10-percent of the volume is filled up. It will be reduced to approximately 10 times the amount of used space, so that the volume is about 10-percent full.

The volume will never be reduced below the size set when the volume was created or last manually resized. The auto-shrink feature is useful only to automatically reduce the size of a volume which was previously automatically expanded.

Prompt Before Changing Size

Check this box to make sure SafeHouse prompts for permission before it attempts to make any changes to your volume.

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