Professional Edition Only

Choose Encryption Method

The screen allows you to choose from any of the supported encryption methods.

Not Sure Which to Pick?

If you are not familiar with encryption methods or don't have a company mandate to use a specific method, accept the default. The default method will always be a very safe choice.

NOTE:  This is an advanced option available only in SafeHouse Professional Edition.

How to enable this screen:

This screen will be displayed only when you check the box to show advanced configuration options on the first page of this wizard.

This feature is not available in SafeHouse Personal Edition.

Which Encryption Standards are Supported?

The industry-standard encryption methods supported by SafeHouse are listed below:

SafeHouse Personal Edition always uses Twofish encryption.

Setting Corporate Encryption Policy

SafeHouse includes features which allow system administrators to define certain policies with regard to default encryption settings and which methods are listed on this screen.

See the SafeHouse Administrator's Guide for more information.

More Information on Encryption

If you need more information on the encryption methods used by SafeHouse, we recommend that you look to the Internet. There are hundreds of excellent websites available which include a wealth of information.

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