Name of Private Storage Area

SafeHouse volumes are large container files which hold your files needing to be protected. Volumes are standard Windows files which use the .SDSK file extension.

All volumes must have a name and location.


Choose the folder where your new volume should be located. Click the folder icon on the right to browser to a different location.

SafeHouse typically keeps your volumes in one common folder to make them easier to work with. This folder is named C:\SafeHouse.  

Volumes can be located nearly anywhere, including:

NOTE:  SafeHouse volumes cannot be created directly on CD/RW and DVD/RW devices. Volumes are compatible with these devices only in read-only mode. See more information on using SafeHouse with CD/DVDs.


Choose a filename for your volume.

Your new volume will be created using this name in the folder specified above. SafeHouse volumes are readily-identified in Explorer by their distinctive red icon shown here on the left.

SafeHouse will add the .SDSK volume file extension to the name you specify here.


Optionally type a short description for your volume. The text you type here will be displayed in the following SafeHouse dialogs:


You volume description is displayed at the bottom of this dialog. In this case, the description entered was "My Private Files".

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