Professional Edition Only

Specify Password Policy

This screen allows you to set some simple rules with regard to how passwords are chosen and enforced for this specific volume. Each volume keeps its own set of rules. These rules are saved inside the volume and will remain in force even if the volume is copied to a different machine.

You can change the password rules at any time using the View or Change Volume Properties dialog.

NOTE:  This is an advanced option available only in SafeHouse Professional Edition.

Advanced Password Rules and Policies

SafeHouse Professional includes additional support beyond what you see on this screen for establishing rules and policies which govern the length and composition of passwords.

See the SafeHouse Administrator's Guide and Custom Configuration Files for more information.

How to enable this screen:

This screen will be displayed only when you check the box to show advanced configuration options on the first page of this wizard.

This feature is not available in SafeHouse Personal Edition.

Password Length Requirements

Specify the minimum and maximum lengths to be enforced when users choose or change passwords for this volume.

The range supported by SafeHouse is 1 to 255 characters.

Enforce Password Expiration

Check this box to cause SafeHouse to track the age of passwords and force users change passwords after a defined length of time.

During the grace period, users will receive a warning, but will still be allowed to open volumes without actually changing the password. Once the grace period has ended, further access to the volume will not be allowed until the password is changed.

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