New Volume Size

This wizard page requests you to choose the new size for your volume.

Choose your new volume size and click Next to advance to the final page.

If the Next button is not enabled, it's likely because you've selected a new size which is out of range.

New Size

Choose the new size for your volume. It must be within the minimum and maximum sizes displayed in the fields above.

The size range for volumes is determined when volumes are initially created. If you need to grow your volume to a size greater than allowed here, you're only option would be to create a new volume of the required size and then open both old and new at the same time and copy over all of your existing files. The old volume can then be deleted using Explorer.

Preinitialize Unallocated Areas with Random Data

Choosing this option instructs SafeHouse to fill the newly-allocated areas of this volume with random data. The benefit of doing so is that it creates another barrier for intruders because it becomes much harder for them to separate the real data from the random data when attempting to home in on your files.

Privacy experts will advise you to always leave this item checked. We give you the option simply because initializing tens or hundreds of gigabytes does take some time; hence, we leave it up to you to decide.

NOTE:  Volumes manually reformatted by you to the NTFS disk format cannot be resized. SafeHouse only understands how to resize volumes formatted using the FAT format, which is the native format used when new volumes are created.


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