Smartcard Tools

This tab contains buttons linking to helpful smartcard tools. The specific set of available features depends on your smartcard manufacturer.


Export (save) the passwords stored in your current smartcard to a password-protected .SMART file or XML text file. SMART files are compatible with SafeHouse's virtual smartcard features using USB memory sticks. XML files are clear text and offer no protection.

See How to Export Smartcard Passwords.


Import (read) passwords from a .SMART file into the current smartcard.  SMART files are SafeHouse's private format used for both smartcard protected export files and SafeHouse's virtual smartcards using USB memory sticks.

See How to Import Smartcard Passwords.

Run Test

Click this button to run a harmless test on your smartcard to make sure everything is working correctly and that it passes all interface tests required to be fully-compatible with SafeHouse. This test takes approximately 20 seconds to run. You may be prompted to enter your PIN.

This test is recommended when you are using a generic smartcard with SafeHouse. By generic, we mean devices that are not listed in our smartcard configuration drop list, as these devices have not specifically been verified by us to be compatible with SafeHouse.

Your passwords stored on the smartcard will not be affected by this test.


This feature is used for troubleshooting. All it does is instruct the SafeHouse low-level smartcard logic to restart itself.

There is never any harm in restarting the smartcard software. If you believe the SafeHouse smartcard software is behaving strangely or hung up, you might try clicking this button to see if it clears the problem.

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