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Smartcard Library

This tab is displayed only when you've configured SafeHouse to use a generic PKCS#11 smartcard.

When using a generic device, SafeHouse needs to know where it can find the driver file which supports the PKCS#11 command set. This file is commonly called a library file.

Not all manufacturers support PKCS#11. For the ones that do, you'll need to consult their documentation for the name and location of their library file. Please understand that this is an advanced feature for people who are fairly familiar with these kind of things. If you're new to smartcards, we recommend using a device that is natively supported by SafeHouse (listed in the smartcard configuration drop list).

See How to Configure a PKCS#11 Smartcard.

Select File

Enter the full filepath to the driver file. This file is nearly always a DLL, and it's frequently located in your System32 folder.

You'll need to check the documentation which accompanied your smartcard to find out the exact name and location of its respective driver file.


Browse your files and folders for the DLL library file which supports the PKCS#11 command  set.


Run a simple test to see if SafeHouse is compatible with the above-referenced file.

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