Submit the Password Reset Request Form

You initiate a remote password reset request by filling out and submitting this form.

This form is displayed using the Request Password Reset button on the Remote Reset tab.

When the Send button is clicked, SafeHouse will directly contact the website using a secure connection and submit your request. Internet access is required to complete this step.

Provided there aren't any errors during submission, the status icon on the Remote Reset tab will change from Ready to Pending. It will remain in this state until your administrator services the request, the request times out or your cancel the request.

It is not necessary to stop work and wait for your administrator to respond. The request will remain active as long as you do not log out of Windows or turn off your PC. You can even close this dialog, terminate SafeHouse, and return to it later; as long as you do not log out of Windows.

Your Contact Information

Enter your contact information. The first three fields are required. The comment field is optional.

The purpose of these fields is to give your administrator as much information as possible so that they can make an intelligent decision as to whether or not to approve this request.

Administrator Contact

This field is optional. If filled in with a valid email address, when the request is received at the website, an email notification will be sent to the referenced address.

Your administrator will let you know if they require this form to be forwarded directly to them.

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