About SafeHouse

The About tab displays version information about SafeHouse, including your product activation key.

If you are using a trial version of SafeHouse, the screen area occupied by the activation key will be replaced by buttons to purchase the product and enter your new key.

This dialog is accessed from the SafeHouse system tray utility Tools & Options menu item.

Video Tour

Click this button to launch your web browser and view our library of video tutorials.

Run this System Tray Utility Automatically

Check this box to make sure this system tray utility is run automatically each time Windows starts. This is the default setting.

If unchecked, you will only have access to the padlock system tray icon by running the SafeHouse system tray utility from the Windows Start menu.

Group Identifier

If your copy of SafeHouse belongs to a SafeHouse group, then the name of your group will be listed here. SafeHouse groups are configured by system administrators as part of a company deployment plan. Individually-purchased copies of SafeHouse will not belong to a group. See Working with SafeHouse Groups.

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