Setting Your Primary Volume

SafeHouse stores your protected files in container files called volumes. Any file stored within a volume is under the full protection of SafeHouse and requires your password before it can be accessed.

You can have as many volumes as you choose, however, most people work with one more than others, and we refer to this as your primary volume. The first volume you created when installing SafeHouse was set as your starting primary volume; however, you may change this as often as desired.

The main benefit to setting your primary volume is that you can access it quickly by double-clicking the SafeHouse system tray icon.

See more information on SafeHouse volumes and how to access your primary volume.

This dialog is accessed from the SafeHouse system tray utility Tools & Options menu item.


Enter the full filepath to the SafeHouse volume you use most often. Click the folder icon to the right to browse for files.

SafeHouse volumes always have a .SDSK file extension and a red folder icon. They're frequently located in your C:\SafeHouse folder.


SafeHouse gives you access to your protected files by adding a new drive letter to Windows. This allows you to work with your files using Explorer and other applications using familiar habits. All files saved to this drive letter are magically stored in your primary SafeHouse volume and are thereby under the full protection of SafeHouse.

This field allows you to indicate which specific Windows drive letter you would like to see associated with your primary volume. You must choose a letter that is not already used by other hardware attached to your system.

If you don't care which drive letter is used, select Any to allow SafeHouse to choose the first available drive letter which is guaranteed to work.

Prompt to Open this Volume when Windows Starts

Check this box to have SafeHouse automatically open up your primary volume each time Windows starts. You'll then see the familiar SafeHouse password dialog shortly after Windows finishes loading.

This feature is simply a convenience which saves you from needing to double-click the system tray padlock icon to open your primary volume.

This feature requires that the SafeHouse system tray utility be configured to run each time Windows starts. This is the default setting, so this will work as expected without needing to configure anything else unless you've manually disabled the system tray utility on the About Tab.

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