Launching Tools and Wizards

The Tools tab provides quick access to important utilities included with SafeHouse. Each button launches a dialog or wizard to help you complete its respective task.

This dialog is accessed from the SafeHouse system tray utility Tools & Options menu item.

Change Volume Password

Click this button to change the password for any existing volume. See How to Change a Password.

Resize Volume

Click this button to expand or shrink an existing volume. See How to Resize a Volume.

View or Change Properties

Click this button to display the properties dialog for an existing volume. See How to View or Change Volume Properties.

Create New Volume

Click this button to create a new SafeHouse volume. New volumes can be located internal and external drives, including USB devices and Flash memory sticks. See How to Create a New Volume.

Volume Activity Monitor

Click this button to set preferences with regard to how access to Open volumes is restricted or controlled when Windows enters hibernation mode or your computer has been idle for some set number of minutes. See How to Guard Access to Open Volumes.


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