Using NTFS Inside Volumes

The default file system format used inside SafeHouse volumes is FAT/FAT32. This is a simple and efficient format which has been used in Windows for many years and is compatible with all versions of Windows.

Some people have a desire or requirement to use the newer NTFS file format which has grown popular starting with Windows XP (Windows 95/98/Me does not support NTFS).  Some of the benefits of NTFS include support for file permissions and better file recovery support.

If you feel strongly about changing your volumes to use NTFS internally, you can easily do this using the steps presented below.

Please be aware that when you reformat a disk drive as described below, all files on the volume will be erased in the process. We therefore recommend that you start by creating a new volume so you know for sure you won't be losing any files.

Please also be aware that once you reformat your volume to NTFS, SafeHouse will no longer be able to resize it; irrespective of whether or not you configured the volume to be resizable when you created it. SafeHouse does not itself understand this rather complicated disk format and will not allow you to use the Resize Volume wizard on it.

Please follow these steps:
  1. Create your new SafeHouse volume normally. Choose the size wisely because you will not be able to resize it later. Once you change the format to NTFS the SafeHouse Resize Volume wizard will no longer recognize the volume.

  2. Open the volume.

  3. Locate the volume by its drive letter under My Computer and right click on it to display the Windows popup menu.

  4. Select Format on the popup menu.

  5. In the Format dialog, select NTFS in the File system drop list.

  6. Click the Start button to reformat the volume.


NOTE:  Volumes reformatted to NTFS cannot be resized by SafeHouse.


Professional Edition Only

When creating volumes using SafeHouse Professional Edition, the advanced options mode allows you to select a preferred filesystem. NTFS is one of the choices; however, please be aware that volumes formatted using NTFS cannot be resized by SafeHouse.




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