Using Smartcards with SafeHouse

SafeHouse includes unprecedented support and integration for smartcards throughout the entire product. Store your SafeHouse passwords on a smartcard and never have to type them again.

USB Memory Stick = Smartcard

Don't have a smartcard? SafeHouse can turn an ordinary USB flash drive or memory stick into a smartcard that has all the same features as commercial hardware solutions when it comes to storing your SafeHouse passwords. We call this our virtual smartcard.


Benefits of Smartcards

Here are some of the most-common benefits of smartcards:

  • Relatively inexpensive. You can even use an off-the-shelf USB memory stick!

  • Small devices fit in wallets, purses and on key chains.

  • Remember one PIN code no matter how many passwords are stored in the smartcard.

  • SafeHouse can read your volume passwords directly from your smartcard.

  • You can choose longer more-complex passwords for SafeHouse since you won't be needing to type them.

  • Security is increased since both the smartcard and its PIN are needed to use them.

Starting Points

These links will have you up and running with smartcards in no time at all.

Supported Devices

SafeHouse includes built-in support for the following commercial smartcard solutions:

SafeHouse also allows you to use an ordinary USB memory stick as a smartcard (see below).

Virtual Smartcards using USB Flash Drives

If you've got a USB memory stick handy, then use it for your SafeHouse smartcard. Learn more.


Learn How to Create a Virtual Smartcard.

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