View or Change Volume Properties

You can view or change the underlying properties of your SafeHouse volumes using the Show Volume Properties dialog. You probably won't need to use this feature that often, but it's good to have when you need it.

How to Launch this Dialog:
  1. Right click the SafeHouse padlock system tray icon.

  2. Choose Tools & Options from the menu.

  3. Click the Tools tab.

  4. Click the View or Change Properties button.


Point SafeHouse to the folder or disk drive  which contains your volume file. Use the folder icon to the right to browse for the correct folder.


Choose the SafeHouse volume file which interests you. This drop list will display all SafeHouse volumes located in the above-named folder.

If the volume you're interested in is listed, but in dim or light text, this indicates that the volume is presently open. Please close it before trying to access it from this dialog.


Clicking this button pops up a password dialog which requests the password corresponding to the selected volume. Provided that you enter the correct password, the following will happen:


The Modify button launches the Change Settings dialog pictured below.

To enable this button, you must first click the Authenticate button and enter your password.

Reset Password

Professional Edition Only

Click this button to reset the password for this volume. This feature is intended to help when passwords are lost; which is not the same as simply changing passwords.

This button will be active only if your system administrator has enabled SafeHouse's ability to allow volume passwords to be reset, and this volume was created with this feature enabled. If this button is disabled, then this volume does not support having its password reset by a SafeHouse administrator.

See How to Reset a Lost Password for more information.

Resettable passwords are supported only in SafeHouse Professional Edition.

NOTE:  SafeHouse volumes must be closed in order view or change their properties.

Change Settings Dialog

This dialog is displayed when you click the Modify button in the Show Volume Properties dialog (above).

The fields in this dialog are identical to the similarly-named fields available when creating new volumes. If you don't recall seeing some of these options when creating your volume, it's because some of these settings are presented only in advanced mode (a checkbox on the first page of the Create Volume wizard).

NOTE:  SafeHouse Personal Edition shows a slightly-different dialog with less fields since many of these features are only available in SafeHouse Professional Edition.

Volume Description

This is an optional text description for the volume. The most-common places where you'll see it displayed are:

Password Length

Professional Edition Only

These fields allow you to set the minimum and maximum length of passwords for this specific volume. These rules will be enforced on all password changes.

Enforce Password Expiration

Professional Edition Only

You can optionally instruct SafeHouse to expire the password for this volume after so many days. Once the grace period has also expired, access to the volume will be denied until the password is changed.

Auto Resize

Professional Edition Only

This feature is used to have SafeHouse monitor how full your volume is and automatically adjust its size whenever it's opened and one of these thresholds is exceeded.

If the Prompt before changing volume size option is checked, then SafeHouse will ask you for permission to proceed before making any changes to your volume.

The default settings for this feature are Never Expand and Never Shrink.

NOTE:  Although this feature works just fine, we recommend that you manually resize your SafeHouse volumes. This way you have greater control over what is going on, and more importantly, you can be sure to back up your data in advance just in case something goes wrong.



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