SafeHouse PAD Files

SafeHouse PAD Files

SafeHouse includes support for industry-standard PAD files created using PADGen.

PAD files are most-commonly used by software download sites to automate the process of importing product listings. If you are not familiar with PAD files, then you probably don't need them.

SafeHouse Professional Edition

Use this link to import a product listing for SafeHouse Professional Edition.


SafeHouse Personal Edition

Use this link to import a product listing for SafeHouse Personal Edition.


SafeHouse Explorer

Use this link to import a product listing for our free SafeHouse Explorer.


Images Referenced by PAD Files

The following images are directly referenced by the SafeHouse PAD files. If you import the PAD files using an automated process, these are the images that will appear on your website alongside the SafeHouse product listing.

SafeHouse Icon

SafeHouse Personal and Professional Editions:

SafeHouse screenshot

SafeHouse Explorer:

SafeHouse Explorer screenshot

Affiliate Setup Program Generator

If you're looking to bundle SafeHouse on a hard drive, memory stick, laptop or CD, we have the ability to embed your RegNow affiliate ID directly into our setup program.

We also support the download affiliate tracking provided by RegNow; however, we feel our solution is a bit cleaner since it avoids the two-step download required using the RegNow solution.

With our solution, you tell us your affiliate ID, and we'll cook up a setup program just for you which can then be distributed along with your product.

This also works with SafeHouse Explorer. In this case, you will receive commissions for upgrades to our commercial products.

Setup Program Generator