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Individuals and Businesses of All Sizes Can Now Secure Confidential Information Even If a Computer or Data Storage Device Is Lost or Stolen

Ladera Ranch, CA – July 1, 2007 – Access Smart LLC, the leading developer of data and security management solutions through the use of smartcard technology, today announced its alliance with PC Dynamics to offer businesses and individuals instant and affordable data privacy protection. The partnership enables users to integrate Access Smart’s flagship products, Power LogOn™ Password Manager and Password Administrator, with PC Dynamics’ SafeHouse data privacy software for strong security and convenient data access that complies with all federal and state privacy laws.

“With the growing number of stolen laptops, malicious software programs and other network security breaches, the direct and indirect financial costs can be devastating,” said Dovell Bonnett, founder and CEO of Access Smart. “With our Power LogOn product, we have enabled individuals and businesses to safeguard their passwords using encrypted smartcard technology. Now, with the alliance between Access Smart and PC Dynamics, we can take that security one step further by encrypting portions of users’ existing hard drives while still maintaining the convenience and affordability that Power LogOn is noted for.”

With the SafeHouse software, users can allocate portions of their existing hard drives to encrypt confidential data. Any confidential data stored on this portion of the hard drive will be encoded and can only be decoded by the person in possession of its password. Power LogOn keeps this password encrypted onto a smartcard, adding another layer of encoded protection. As the smartcard is unhackable and is rendered useless if stolen, users can be assured their information is kept private.

With Power LogOn, users can assign strong passwords such as “emFO%39iL5Nc305,9Z/4>6d” which are considered to be the most secure. To sign on to any account, the user inserts their smartcard into any card reader, double-clicks the file, network or web site to be accessed, and is instantly logged in. There is so need to remember, type or track any password, as this is all done automatically. A replacement card can be recreated instantly by the authorized user if it is ever lost or stolen. Because all the passwords are stored on the smartcard and never on any computer, the user can go to any computer with the Power LogOn software, have full access to all passwords, and leave no information behind when the smartcard is removed.

"SafeHouse and Power LogOn eliminate the hassles and complications of keeping information secure," said Peter Avritch, president of PC Dynamics and publisher of the encryption software. "Users don't want to manually encrypt and decrypt individual files or remember different complex passwords for every file. That's far too much work, and it’s prone to errors that can ultimately cause data to be compromised. Saving confidential files to a new drive letter and automatically entering complex passwords with a double-click -- now that's something everyone can understand."

SafeHouse volumes can be any size up to 2084 Gigabytes on Windows NT/2000/XP and up to 4GB on Windows 98/Me. Volumes can reside on local hard drives, network servers, removable media and CD ROMs. The software offers a variety of encryption methods including DES, triple DES, Blowfish, Twofish and Rijndael, the new Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) algorithm.

“With SafeHouse and Power LogOn, individuals and businesses can protect their private data without expensive and time consuming back-end installations,” said Bonnett. “As there are more and more cases of identity theft and laws being passed which require businesses to encrypt confidential information of employees and customers, this new double-product offering will enable all types of users the highest level of data security with unprecedented convenience, starting below $100.

Power LogOn Password Manager and Password Administrator come with a free trial version of SafeHouse. The option to purchase a full version of SafeHouse is available through Power LogOn, Access Smart’s web site, or directly from PC Dynamics.


SafeHouse retails for $39.99. Site licenses and exportable versions are available. For more information or individual pricing, contact PC Dynamics at (818) 889-1741.

A Power LogOn Password Manager and smartcard starts at $53.00 with volume discounts available. For individual pricing, contact Access Smart toll free at (877) 795-6466 or go to www.access-smart.com. Access Smart provides a 100 percent, 60-day money back guarantee.

System Requirements

Operating System: Windows® 2000, XP Professional/Home Edition or higher. Personal Computer: Pentium® 233 MHz or higher, or compatible; CD-ROM drive; VGA or higher graphics; 128MB of RAM; USB or PCMCIA available port; and 70MB available hard disk space.

About Access Smart, LLC

Headquartered in Ladera Ranch, California, Access Smart, LLC develops, markets and sells complete packaged smartcard solutions direct to businesses and home computer users. Dedicated to empowering businesses and consumers to securely regain control over their digital information, Access Smart offers unique, high-quality, integrated hardware and software packages that securely manage important data over wired and wireless networks, computers, Point-of-Sale devices, kiosks, and any other device that can accept and communicate via smartcard technology.

For more information about Access Smart, please visit www.Access-Smart.com.

Access Smart and Power LogOn are trademarks exclusively licensed to Access Smart, LLC. Other product names are either trademarks or trade names of their respective holders.

About PC Dynamics

Headquartered in Sausalito, California, PC Dynamics has developed trusted hard drive encryption and other software products for more than 20 years. Its core product, SafeHouse, comes in two formats: a Personal Privacy edition, intended for individuals and small business users and the Standard Edition, which includes features commonly used in office environments. PC Dynamics offers data encryption products that utilize the latest encryption technologies and are transparent, fast, reliable and simple for the average user to implement.

For more information about PC Dynamics please visit www.pcdynamics.com.