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New SafeHouse 3.0 Encryption Software Protects Confidential Files Stored on USB Memory Sticks

PC Dynamics' new SafeHouse 3.0 provides total privacy and protection for files and folders stored on flash drives and other portable media as it also turns ordinary USB memory sticks into virtual smartcards capable of storing dozens of secret passwords.

Sausalito, CA (PRWEB) January 14, 2008 – PC Dynamics has released its new SafeHouse 3.0 data privacy and encryption software with dozens of new features including greatly-enhanced support for USB memory sticks. SafeHouse locks, hides and encrypts sensitive files and folders using passwords and super-strong encryption. SafeHouse is completely transparent to the way users work and is compatible with all Windows applications by masquerading as a password-protected Windows drive letter.

SafeHouse can protect files on any hard drive, however, it has found a particular niche with USB memory sticks and other small-format storage devices as more and more people embrace portable media and take their data to go.

"Inexpensive flash memory sticks are becoming increasingly popular" said Peter Avritch, president of PC Dynamics and publisher of the privacy software. "They're kept on key chains or in pockets, and inevitably, they get lost; possibly holding many gigabytes of confidential information. With SafeHouse, you no longer have to fear what might happen when these devices are lost because nobody is going to be able to access your sensitive files."

The new SafeHouse 3.0 takes data security to an even higher level with features which allow off-the-shelf USB memory sticks to be turned into virtual smartcards which not only remember the passwords for any number of other encrypted storage areas on internal and external drives, but can also serve as PIN-enabled physical keys based on hardware serial numbers.

"We all have too many passwords to remember, so we start making poor choices" said Avritch. "SafeHouse securely manages all of your protected storage passwords on a single memory stick and automatically types them for you when needed. Users only need to remember the one PIN code assigned to their memory stick. Password files stored on memory sticks cannot be covertly copied because they're individually keyed to the devices' unique internal serial numbers."

SafeHouse 3.0 is available in both Personal and Professional editions starting at $29.99, and free trial software can be downloaded from the company's encryption website at SafeHouseSoftware.com. The Professional Edition includes features which are designed to help administrators manage multi-user enterprise deployments.

About PC Dynamics

Headquartered in Sausalito, California, PC Dynamics has developed trusted hard drive encryption and other software products for more than 20 years. Its core product is the SafeHouse data privacy and protection software which is in widespread use in companies of all sizes throughout the world.

For more information about PC Dynamics and SafeHouse 3.0, please visit SafeHouseSoftware.com.