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If you would like to purchase a smartcard to use with SafeHouse, we recommend you visit any of our partners' websites which are listed below. We do not presently sell hardware from this website.

Featured Partner

Works with SafeHouse 3.0

Imagine never typing or remembering a password again!
Just double-click, and that’s it!

Power LogOn uses smartcard technology to provide convenient and secure access to all files, web sites and networks for businesses and individuals.


Instantly access up to 100 of your accounts, as Power LogOn automatically submits your user names, passwords and even credit card information for safe e-commerce transactions.


All data is stored, encrypted and PIN-protected on a smartcard. Users can choose to generate unique, complex passwords up to 20-characters long.


Credit card-sized smartcard contains logon information and can be used on any computer running Power LogOn software.

More Smartcard Solutions

Although we don't sell these devices directly, we have tested them to be fully compatible with SafeHouse.

Compatible Smartcard Solutions:

NOTE: Support for Aladdin and ActivIdentity is included only in SafeHouse Professional Edition.

Learn more about our SafeHouse Technology Partners.