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Product Release History

This page contains a list of changes made to the SafeHouse software.

Changes in Version 3.07, Released November 9, 2012:

Version 3.07 is a minor update.

The following changes have been made:

  • Added support for latest version of AccessSmart smartcards.
  • Added support for latest version of Sphinx smartcards.
  • Added new smartcard support for Identive ConCERTO.
  • Minor internal changes.
  • Text and documentation adjustments to indicate support for Windows 8.

Changes in Version 3.06, Released December 7, 2009:

Version 3.06 is a minor update.

The following changes have been made:

  • All products - files tested for compatibility with Windows 7. All text references updated.
  • FIX: Improved support for super large multi-GB volumes. Long pauses when copying addressed.
  • FIX: SafeHouse Explorer - file dates now correctly keep their original values.
  • FIX: Professional Edition - Branding wizard no longer reports incompatible version.

Changes in Version 3.04, Released March 5, 2009:

Version 3.04 is a minor update.

The following changes have been made:

  • NEW: SafeHouse Personal Edition strength boosted to 256-bit Twofish.
  • FIX: Changes to better support creating 2TB volumes.
  • FIX: Setup will no longer reset the primary drive letter used for SafeHouse volumes.
  • IMPROVED: Minor cosmetic changes.

Changes in Version 3.03, Released February 9, 2009:

Version 3.03 is a minor update which primarily added additional support for SafeHouse Explorer.

The following changes have been made:

  • NEW: SafeHouse Explorer added to tray menu when found on PC.
  • NEW: Deployment wizard can now embed security policies into SafeHouse Explorer.
  • NEW: Setup for Pro Edition now allows admin passwords to be set at install time.
  • FIX: Closing volume from MyComputer icon using Windows shell.
  • IMPROVED: Installers are smarter with regard to when to require reboot.
  • IMPROVED: Minor cosmetic changes.

Changes in Version 3.02, Released December 7, 2008:

Version 3.02 is a minor update to version 3.01 which primarily includes support for SafeHouse Explorer.

The following changes have been made:

  • NEW: Close volume menu item added to open drive icons in My Computer.
  • NEW: PIN-less USB virtual smartcards. PIN is optionally auto-typed from file.
  • NEW: Setup/Remove utilities no longer require restarting Windows.
  • NEW: In Professional Edition, branding wizard can brand SafeHouse Explorer.
  • NEW: In Professional Edition, deployment wizard can brand and embed SafeHouse Explorer.
  • NEW: In Professional Edition, added new API functions.
  • FIX: Addressed rare problem with fault when closing volumes.
  • IMPROVED: Closing volumes is now faster.
  • IMPROVED: Better support for high-DPI monitors on Vista.
  • IMPROVED: File access speed greatly increased.

Changes in Version 3.01, Released June 14, 2008:

Version 3.01 is a minor update to version 3.00 which includes a handful of minor fixes plus adds support for 64-bit Windows XP/Vista/Server.

The following changes have been made:

  • NEW: Support for x64 Windows, including 64-bit XP, Vista and Windows Server 2003/2008.
  • NEW: Support added for DeepNet smartcard technology.
  • FIX: Windows Explorer drive list treeview now updates correctly to show SafeHouse volume names alongside drive letters.
  • FIX: Personal Edition only - View or Change Properties wizard now displays correctly.
  • FIX: In Professional Edition, selecting NONE as the encryption method no longer reports error when opening volume.
  • FIX: In Professional Edition, selection of encryption ciphers in deployment wizard no longer prevents advancing to next page under some conditions.

Changes in Version 3.0, Released Jan 1, 2008:

Version 3 is a major product upgrade.

See New Features in v3.0.

Download Files

The standard file download page contains the files you need to update or upgrade. Our live and trial downloads are one in the same. One download works for both. Just download the correct SafeHouse edition (Personal or Professional) and run the setup program.

You do not need to remove your older version of SafeHouse to install an upgrade.

Changes in Version 2.10.079, Released June 15, 2007:

If you have experienced any problems using an older version of SafeHouse, we strongly recommend that you update to this latest release. This update is free to all registered users.

The following changes have been made:

  • Fixed No Disk error on mapping. In rare situations on Windows XP, it was reported that upon mapping a volume, Windows would display a message stating that there was "No disk in drive" with the option to retry or cancel. This happened only the first time a volume was mapped after starting Windows.
  • Minor changes to improve support for Power LogOn smartcard solutions.
  • Fixed error introduced in v2.10.078 that prevented the administrative password recovery branding wizard from finishing unless the SafeHouse system tray utility was first manually terminated.

Changes in Version 2.10.078, Released May 12, 2007:

The following changes have been made:

  • Various changes to support Microsoft Vista.
  • Help file is now in HtmlHelp format rather than WinHelp4 format. This change was required to support Vista.
  • The default location for SafeHouse (.sdsk) volume files is now C:\SafeHouse rather than the root directory. This change was required due to new protections placed on root directory files by Vista.
  • Fixed error with /explore map volume option. This feature broke on version 2.10.075/076 and failed to launch the Windows Explorer window for a newly-mapped SafeHouse volume. This feature now works again as documented.
  • Improved compatibility with third-party applications, including Microsoft Office applications.
  • On SafeHouse Standard Edition, the create volume wizard now defaults to hiding wizard pages that solicit input for rarely-used features. A checkbox on the first page enables/disables the showing of these optional advanced pages.
  • Improved support for creating and resizing extremely large 50GB+ volumes, including better support for external drives and showing the estimated time remaining to complete to procedure.
  • Fixed activation problem for /silent corporate deployment packages.
  • Various text changes to error messages to make them easier to understand.
  • Added support for Access Smart Power LogOn smartcard reader.
  • Added support for Sphinx Logon Manager smartcard reader.
  • Added support to the deployment wizard to account for smartcards.
  • Added support to the deployment wizard to configure the system tray utuility.
  • A new [Global] section is supported in the optional CONFIG.INI file which allows thefollowing settings:VolumeDirectory={c:\directory};ForceDefaultVolumeDirectory={true|false};PasswordMinDigits=N;PasswordMinSymbols=N;PasswordMinUppercase=N;
    PasswordMinLowercase=N;PasswordHelp={text describing your password rules}. Each item is to appear on its own line. The password rules are enforced when creating volumes and when changing passwords. Min/Max lengths have always been supported and are provided for elsewhere within the product. The VolumeDirectory setting allows you to set the default location where SafeHouse stores its volume files.
  • SafeHouse will now recognize encrypted volume formats previously distributed through OEMs.

Known Vista Problems Prior to this Release

Previously-released SafeHouse software is not fully compatible with Vista. Listed below are some of the problems that have been reported which are believed to be completely resolved in the 078 update.

  • Volumes located in the root of drive C mysteriously changed to read-only mode.
  • Unable to display help files when pressing F1 or clicking a Help button within SafeHouse.
  • The product remained in Trial mode even after entering a valid activation key.

Older Versions

If you have a version of SafeHouse older than anything listed on this page, we strongly recommend that you update. Recent Windows updates have required that we make a few changes to our software to remain fully compatible.

Moving to a New Computer

SafeHouse volume files are not associated with specific computers. You may copy them to a new computer and use them as you always have as long as you know your password.

Please follow these steps when moving SafeHouse to a new computer:

  • On the new PC, create a data directory named C:\SafeHouse to hold your encrypted files.
  • Copy your volume files (having .sdsk file extension) to the C:\SafeHouse directory.
  • Install SafeHouse on the new PC. The installer program will automatically find your volume files.

Always run the SafeHouse installer program when moving to a new PC. If you attempt to manually copy the program files, you will not end up with what's needed.

It does not actually matter if you move your volume files to the new PC in advance of running the SafeHouse installer. However, if you do copy them over first, the installer will find them and automatically know to reference them.