SafeHouse Resellers

Resellers and Distributors

We're looking for qualified resellers to carry and promote SafeHouse to their clients.

Our resellers typically include the following types of companies:

  • Systems Integrators
  • Value Added Resellers
  • Smartcard Manufacturers
  • Security Consultants
  • Corporate Resellers

Inquire about becoming a SafeHouse Reseller

To learn more about becoming a SafeHouse reseller or distributor, please contact us by email at .

Bundling SafeHouse

SafeHouse can be bundled with your software or hardware at special OEM pricing. Please contact us for information on our OEM licensing and bundling programs.

Bundlers include:

  • Smartcard Manufacturers
  • Hard Drive Manufacturers
  • USB Memory Stick Manufacturers
  • PC Laptop Manufacturers
No Fee SafeHouse Explorer Bundles

Our SafeHouse Explorer software is available for hardware and software bundling without any licensing fees. This software is freely distributable with very few minor restrictions.