Product Information

SafeHouse Explorer

Run SafeHouse Explorer Directly from Here

The SafeHouse Explorer program may optionally be run directly from here without first installing it onto your PC as you would normally do with new software.

We still recommend that when possible you run our conventional setup program; however, if you find yourself needing access to your files from a computer where it's not possible to run our normal installer, you can download the plain executable program file from here and launch it directly.

You can also save this program to a memory stick and run directly from there as well.

Download this File

Ver 3.01 for Windows (5MB)

Download and run SafeHouseExplorer.exe. No installer.

As soon as you run it, you'll see the main application just as you see here on the left.

Requires Microsoft Windows

XP, Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8