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If you are tasked with finding and deploying a robust data security product to safeguard your company's most-private information, then you simply must try SafeHouse. See our Product Feature List.

SafeHouse offers an unparalleled array of features specifically designed to meet the needs of large organizations. Typical "consumer" security products simply don't offer the advanced administration and deployment features found in SafeHouse. Best of all, SafeHouse is incredibly easy to use.

10 Reasons to Choose SafeHouse:
1. We offer deep discounts with our volume purchase plans.
2. We provide tools to simplify mass deployments and silent installs.
3. Every setting in SafeHouse can be customized prior to deployment.
4. We include features and tools to support help-desk personnel.
5. We suppport resetting passwords both locally and remotely.
6. We support keeping audit logs of all administrator activities.
7. We support using smartcards and memory sticks for administration.
8. Easy access to live technical support by phone and email.
9. Instant access to all product updates, including new versions.
10. Our software licenses are perpetual; pay once and use forever!

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Videos for Corporate Deployments

Please be sure to see our excellent series of videos oriented toward deploying and administrating SafeHouse. These must-see videos will show you just how simple it is to roll out SafeHouse to any size group; even to thousands of employees. Learn more...

What Our Customers Tell Us:

Below are testimonials from our clients who have deployed SafeHouse in demanding mission-critical environments.

Since SafeHouse is used by some of our Government customers, we investigated competing products and tested the software. Our investigation team selected SafeHouse as the most effective in ensuring that if one of our analysts' laptops was lost or stolen, our customers' information would not be accessible. Besides being a best security practice, in such an event, we want our Government customers to be able to accurately state that there was virtually no chance the information could be exposed.

Bill Lynch, PMP Director
Program Management Operations
Creative Computing Solutions, Inc.

I've been using Safehouse for many years and it has proven totally reliable. I have run it on 5 different computers: ASA, Micron, Toshiba, Dell, and now a Lenovo. I've changed my anti-virus, backup, and disk maintenance software several times and have NEVER had a driver conflict or lost any data on an encrypted volume, even when my computers have crashed (I DO run Windows, after all).

I recommend Safehouse to anyone who has data they need to keep secure. Once a Safehouse volume is mounted, it's just like any other drive and I've never been able to detect any reduction in access times to files on Safehouse volumes.

When my notebook was stolen in a break-in to my hotel room, I was very relieved to know that the thieves had no access to all my banking records etc. Had my data not been safe, I would have had to rush to close my bank account, cancel credit cards etc. Since I always back everything up before leaving home, once I replaced the computer, I had all my data again.

Safehouse is probably the only program I run that I will not consider trying something else. It does exactly what I need and has never given me any grief --and for the price, it's definitely the best value of any software I own -- buy it!

Aaron Jacobs
Kailua-Kona, HI

Peter Avritch and Team are marvelous and Safehouse is an Excellent product. Support has always been there. I wish all software companies were like PC Dynamics.

Long time user,
Larry T.
Haltom City, TX

I love PC Dynamics, not only have they provided me with an unbeatable product, but they communicate with me on a regular basis, especially when there is a software upgrade available. PC Dynamics truly understands and respects their customers. Keep up the great work!

Cairns, Australia

As the user of Safehouse for the better part of a decade now, I cannot say enough about the usefulness, reliability, and value of this application! I utilize Safehouse in my personal life to keep the financial and various login/account information for my family protected. In my professional capacity of Information Technology Manager, I got our HR Department and the CEO + board of directors all to use Safehouse to protect sensitive personal information and business correspondance. Safehouse is easy to install and use, and bulletproof...I have never managed to corrupt any data even with the occasional system power down with a volume open, or (of course) periodic Windows lockups.

Jeff Frost
Mukwonago, WI

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