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SafeHouse Screen Shots
Version 3

Here are a few sample screen shots of SafeHouse Personal and Professional Editions. Both of these products share a similar user interface. Most of these shots were made on Windows Vista.

Customer Reviews:

I often encrypt important sensitive data for normal use and backup using Safehouse. No more hiding my backups in the office or a safe-deposit box. I can leave them out in the open. I know no one can get into my SafeHouse files.

Ted Stam
Cumberland Foreside, ME

I needed a simple, easy-to-use solution to protect sensitive data files which didn't require a degree in advanced encryption theory. After trying various free and commercial products I found SafeHouse, which has proven to be an excellent tool and a great value. SafeHouse makes storing, updating and archiving sensitive data fast and easy. Highly recommended.

Tim Towner
San Antonio, FL

I've been a SafeHouse user for over four years now and this is the most stable and useful utility I've ever purchased. If you've ever worried about losing all your personal information on a USB memory stick, just use Safehouse to encrypt a volume. You can then carry around all your passwords and bank details safe in the knowledge that only you can get to the information. It doesn't crash or mess up the performance of your machine, it just works!

Matt Hopkins
Software Engineer
Ashford, Kent, England

Based on months of using the beta of SafeHouse 3, this will be a valuable upgrade to a dependable, much-needed program that I have been using (in its various versions) for over six years now. When I read alarmist stories of stolen or lost computers with sensitive data on them, I wonder why everyone hasn't invested in this very low-cost solution to a very big potential problem.

Charles Goetz
Charlottesville, VA

SafeHouse is a great product and it does everything you claim. I can't imagine a better way than to use SafeHouse if you want to keep data personal. Prompt, effective, and most of all courteous tech support is there when needed, which isn't often.

Brian Hall
Honolulu, HI