SafeHouse Technology Partners

SafeHouse Technology Partners

SafeHouse has joined forces with a number of influential companies in the security marketplace to jointly integrate and promote our respective products. Team up with SafeHouse.

ActivIdentity is a leading manufacturer of smartcard solutions, including innovative employee ID badges which double as smart cards and data storage devices.

Their fully-integrated platform enables organizations to issue, manage and use identity devices and credentials (including smart cards, tokens, certificates and passwords) for strong authentication, single sign on, secure communications and legally binding digital transactions.

SafeHouse Professional Edition v3.00 is completely integrated with a variety of smart card products produced by ActivIdentity.

Aladdin manufacturers a variety of security devices; but is best known for their extremely compact and portable eTokens which serve as smart cards packaged in a convenient self-contained USB memory stick look-alike device.

SafeHouse Professional Edition v3.00 includes full support and integration for Aladdin's complete line of eToken products; which allows SafeHouse passwords to be securely stored on Aladdin's eToken and smart card prdoucts.

Access Smart's Power LogOn uses smartcard technology to provide convenient and secure access to all files, web sites and networks for businesses and individuals.

Imagine never typing or remembering a password again! Just double-click, and that’s it! Instantly access up to 100 of your accounts, as Power LogOn automatically submits your user names, passwords and even credit card information for safe e-commerce transactions.

SafeHouse Personal and Professional Editions are both tightly integrated with Access Smart's Power LogOn products. Power LogOn also includes a trial version of SafeHouse on its installation CD.

Open Domain Sphinx Solutions provides the logon security you need, with the simplicity you want. Sphinx turns an ID card or token into a secure two-factor authentication tool, and makes it easy to use strong passwords.

Sphinx solutions are in continuous use at a substantial installed base of government, corporate, educational, and healthcare institutions world-wide. Works out-of-the-box with a diversity of powerful card technologies.

SafeHouse v3.00 Personal and Professional Editions are fully integrated with Sphinx smart card solutions.

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Bundling SafeHouse

SafeHouse can be bundled with your software or hardware at special OEM pricing. Please contact us for information on our OEM licensing and bundling programs.

Bundlers include:

  • Smartcard Manufacturers
  • Hard Drive Manufacturers
  • USB Memory Stick Manufacturers
  • PC Laptop Manufacturers