Distributing Encrypted Information Using SafeHouse

January 19, 2008 10:48 by pavritch

SafeHouse hard disk encryption is a perfect tool for distributing private data files to others.

The SafeHouse trial version is freely distributable and can be included on your CDs and DVDs if you have a need to publish or distribute private information to your customers. All SafeHouse encrypted files can be read without restriction using the trial version as long as you know the password.

My recommendation for publishing encrypted data to CD/DVD is that you include our setup program on the CD/DVD along with your SafeHouse volume file which contains your data. This way, the recipient has everything they'll need to read the data.

Although the trial version expires after 30 days, its ability to read protected data never expires. Your customers will never need to purchase their own copy of SafeHouse unless they wish to author their own encrypted files. And even then, the trial version can be used to author new files for up to 30 days.

Our approach to this is very similar to how Adobe lets you work with PDF files. The PDF reader is free to anyone, yet to create PDF documents you need to purchase their authoring tool.

The techniques just described can be used to distribute thousands of CDs, or even a single CD containing information which you cannot risk being intercepted along the way. For example, I know a number of our customers who create SafeHouse CDs to send QuickBooks accounting files to their accountants. This way, they can send the CD by mail and not worry about anyone gaining access to their records. They then communicate the SafeHouse password by phone.


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