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January 17, 2008 17:01 by pavritch

I was recently discussing with a colleague the diffrences between how home users search for a security product, and how corporate IT managers search for the same thing. I thought I'd share some of these thoughts as they relate to SafeHouse.

SafeHouse is encryption software. Using encryption, our software is able to completely lock, hide and protect your files.

Corporate IT managers recognize that encryption is the means to accomplish this goal. Of course, it's sort of their job to know that. When they go searching for products in Google, they include the word encryption in their search phrases.

On the other hand, when normal people go searching for a security product to keep their files safe, they rarely use the term encryption in their searches. This is because they know they want security and privacy, but they don't necessarily know that encryption is the technology that will give them what they're looking for. And of course, one shouldn't expect them to know this or anything else about encryption to use an encryption product. After all, when I shop for a car with anti-lock brakes, I don't go searching for the parts used to manufacture them -- I just want a safe car.

I've also found over time that encryption seems to be a scary word for many people outside the industry. People inquire about SafeHouse in their search for total privacy, and sometimes tell me they don't want a complicated encryption product. Well, they're half right. They really do want an encryption product (even if they don't yet know it); they just don't want a complicated one.

SafeHouse is simple and easy to use. How simple? Watch our video.

So if you're looking to keep your files and folders safe and out of site so nobody else can get at them, please take a look at SafeHouse. It's as strong as an encryption product as you'll find, yet you'll never see the word encryption when using the product. That's right, after countless conversations with people where I've had to explain that encryption is indeed the technology needed to gain the desired level of privacy, we decided it was time to learn from our customers and remove all references to the term encryption from our product, except for one page in the help file and some information on our website.

What does all this mean?

If you're looking for a strong encryption product, try SafeHouse. And if you're not looking for an encryption product, but would rather get a product to keep your files private -- try SafeHouse. They're one in the same.

The only thing you'll need to remember when you choose SafeHouse is your password.

BTW - If you can't remember your password, we have a really cool feature that lets you securely store your password on a USB memory stick. SafeHouse can read the password from the memory stick so you'll never need to type it yourself. We call this our virtual smartcard feature.

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