SafeHouse Administrator's Website

January 18, 2008 21:39 by pavritch

If you're considering a mass deployment of SafeHouse, one of our exclusive features that you absolutely must see is our special administrator's website at

The SafeHouseAdmin website is a free service available to anyone using SafeHouse Professional Edition. Although anyone can use it, it really shines for multi-user deployments when it comes to resetting SafeHouse passwords and logging administrator actions.

The most powerful feature of this free website is how it supports remote password resets over the Internet.

With so many people working remotely these days, the ability to reset passwords remotely is an essential feature you'll come to love. Employees finding themselves in trouble and in need of support simply display the Password Reset dialog shown below and click the button to start. This initiates a dialog with our secure server and sends over everything needed for administrators to perform the reset. This is a simple process that takes only one or two minutes.

You'll find much more on this topic in our user's guide in the section titled Resetting Lost Passwords.

 Please be sure to see our video collection specifically for SafeHouse administrators.


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