Secure Backups to DVD using SafeHouse Encryption

January 15, 2008 23:06 by pavritch

We all know that we're supposed to back up our hard drives in case of emergencies. And of course there are many  people who don't back up at all -- but that's a topic for another day.

For those of us who do make regular backups, are they secure? Are you backing up to CD/DVD? Would you even notice if one of them was missing? Do you throw them out when they're obsolete?

SafeHouse encryption software for Windows PCs and laptops is an excellent tool for making completely secure encrypted backups of your files and folders to CD or DVD. Here are step-by-step instructions.

You can buy the Personal Edition of SafeHouse for $29.99 US. This software is easy to use and install.

When using SafeHouse, your protected (encrypted) files are stored in giant data vaults or container files. When you are making a data vault to be burned onto a DVD, you obviously need to make sure you keep it to a size that will fit on the DVD. Once you load your secret files into the data vault, use your standard DVD burning software to burn the vault onto a DVD. That's all there is too it.

One of my favorite tricks is to place a copy of the standard SafeHouse freely-distributable setup program onto my DVDs. Even without a license key, SafeHouse can work in read-only mode (much like PDF Reader from Adobe). This means that no matter where and when you go to work with that DVD in the future, you'll have everything you need --- the installer and the encrypted data. Just supply your password.


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