SafeHouse Explorer - Encryption for Memory Sticks

January 26, 2009 17:30 by pavritch

I am pleased to announce that we just posted the Beta 1 release of SafeHouse Explorer - our new free software for encrypting files on memory sticks and other portable media. Click the link below to grab a copy of this new software. This code is very solid. We expect to have a very short beta period and get the final release out very quickly.

Visit the SafeHouse Explorer download page

 We also have an excellent video of SafeHouse Explorer in action.

SafeHouse Explorer isn't just for memory sticks. It can encrypt files located on any drive media - including internal and external hard drives, CD/DVDs, USB drives, flash drives, memory sticks and even network servers.

SafeHouse Explorer is fully compatible with the encrypted volume files from our other SafeHouse family privacy and encryption products.


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