SafeHouse Explorer Beta 2

February 15, 2009 18:02 by pavritch

We released SafeHouse Explorer Beta 2 today!

This is a very solid release of our free encryption software for memory sticks, or any hard drive for that matter.

I received a lot of wonderful feedback during Beta 1 and the most-requested feature was the ability to make self-extracting volumes which can be accessed with nothing other than the password. And we delivered! Beta 2 now includes tools to convert back and forth between regular volumes and self-running EXE files.

Download page:  SafeHouse Explorer Free Encryption

Self-extracting volumes make sending sensitive files to others about as convenient as it could possibly get. Just make a volume as you normally would, put some files into it, then turn it into a self-extractor with just a couple clicks.

Learn more about our self-extracting volumes.




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