Where's the Password Generator?

March 27, 2009 16:28 by pavritch

Every once and a while somebody asks me why SafeHouse doesn't have a built-in password generator. Isn't this an easy feature to add?

The reason we haven't included one is that our experience in speaking with users is that it's not something most people would use, and we're trying to keep the user interface from being cluttered up with extra buttons and features which will take away from our clean and simple look.

If I get enough requests for it, I'll surely add it in. But from what I hear on a regular basis, most people prefer to choose their own passwords. And we have a world-class password strength meter to help you choose a nice strong password, and our Pro edition even has a huge dictionary of known weak passwords.

Once you start throwing computer-generated passwords at people, they have to write them down, and that ends up either in some text file or worse, on a sticky note taped to their monitor.

People ask for new features all the time, but a password generator is not on the short list; at least not at this moment. If enough people comment, that can easily change.

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