SafeHouse Encryption Software v3.06 Released

December 7, 2009 19:04 by pavritch

We just posted the v3.06 update to SafeHouse Professional Edition and SafeHouse Personal Edition. You can find the downloads here: SafeHouse Product Downloads

The changes most included updating all the text references to mention Windows 7 now that it's out and we've completed our compatibility testing.

Another change related to how we handle creating super large encrypted volumes. We had received some reports about Windows suddenly pausing for a very long time when copying hundreds of gigabytes at a time, and we were able to come up with a work-around. It turned out that Windows was trying to be extra helpful and fill these large volumes with zeros -- which took a very long time with large volumes. We were finally able to find a way to tell Windows we didn't need that kind of help.


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